this is somehow direct out of a place near a bus stop with ipa. she left me to lagunitas, going to her place called ,home, bueno, home sounds like her, if she consents. lagunitas tries to help untill then. tomorrow is a time untill …- then …–.-

those among you who have visited a brewery already know. Those who have not- can not imagine. It is said that it takes a lot of beer to make great wine. What then does it take a lot of to make great beer? Answer: Human flesh; Gobs of it. Not in the beer, of course, but on the blisteringly hot sides of the whirlpool tank, or on the spinning shaft of a pump head. If you should see one of our club footed, three-fingered, cycloptic albino brewers on the street, you might be inclined to toss them a quarter. But don’t! These individuals are highly paid professionals- Masters of Their Craft, and committed to their trade with little or no regard for their own personal safety- or physical appearance! Masters are cruel, and beer is no exception. Beer may be the cruelest master. Our brewers hope you enjoy the product of their passion. Just try not to picture their twisted forms as you enjoy their fresh, fine ales. Cheers! LAGUNITAS

it would not be appropriate to load a picture of the box here eh and what’s inside.

drin steht liebe.

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