60 mg’s and beyond

neurology is somehow really important. what is related to “neuro”, though. since human beings are perfectly evolved as animals with backbones and spinal columns and a complex electrical wiring(s) called nervous system, of course, they can be counted as (mostly) the luckiest living things to have these peripheral nervous systems, I guess also leading those vertebrates to have conscious -which must be cranial nervous system.

neurons > nerve tissue > brain > central nervous system > human being (a conscious whatever)

all environmental -facts let’s say, around (most of the) beings’ are transmitted (as) signals between different parts of the body by neurotransmitters which are chemicals basically and are essential for all those transmissions. transmitting what? pain mostly.? blah blah

this perfect evolution is, on the other hand, is too fragile and the problems start when it is damaged somehow physical or emotional or simply when something is wrong. well, when more things wrong at the same time, i think, a good chemical rather than the patience for years of therapies would work better. And if the damaged one is again lucky, things are stable again to accept these damages, even they are more than one. so it all comes back to be lucky.

millions of years to get lucky > unlucky damage > lucky to have chemicals > years of a stable less lucky life.

bueno, ironically it’s like traffic penalties: you may be suspended if you record too many unlucky damages.

The main uses of duloxetine are in major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, neuropathic pain, chronic musculoskeletal pain, and fibromyalgia.

Duloxetine is recommended as a first line agent for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced neuropathy by the American Society of Clinical Oncology,[9] as a first-line therapy for fibromyalgia in the presence of mood disorders by the German Interdisciplinary Association for Pain Therapy, as a Grade B recommendation for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy by the American Association for Neurology and as a level A recommendation in certain neuropathic states by the European Federation of Neurological Societies.

A 2014 Cochrane review concluded that duloxetine is beneficial in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia but that more comparative studies with other medicines are needed. The French medical journal Prescrire concluded that duloxetine is no better than other available agents and has a greater risk of side effects.Thus they recommend against its general use.


featured image is taken from (and a lot better “depiction”)

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